Studio version 10.5 is the most complete, powerful and easy-to-use home video editing software available today. Effortlessly preserve and share memories on DVD and the Web.

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Avid Liquid integrates SD and HDV video editing, surround sound audio processing with DVD authoring in the timeline and powerful real-time effects.

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Pinnacle Mobile Media Converter™ software converts and moves PC-based video files or DVD movies to mobile players such as the Sony® PSP and video-capable Apple® iPod®.

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Pinnacle Video Editing Software

Pinnacle Systems (a divison of Avid - makers of the world's leading professional video editing software) is the maker of the #1 selling consumer video editing software solution in the United States for 3 years running, Pinnacle Studio. The software is specifically designed for consumers with camcorders and PCs who are looking to capture, enhance and share their videos. Avid, Pinnacle's parent company is the maker of Avid Liquid Edition, a more advanced video editing software solution targeted toward serious hobbyists and professionals. Start making memories with your family and friends and share it by making your own personal movies with Pinnacle today.

Current Pinnacle Specials

Pinnacle Studio 10.5

Beginners and intermediate video editors will find Pinnacle Studio 10.5 to be the best solution for editing your home and family videos. Compared to other solutions, Pinnacle stands out in 3 areas:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Features
  3. Pricing

You'll be up and running immediately. No need to read a lengthy user's manual. The tools are extremely intuitive and usually self explanatory. Here are a few screenshots of the software in action. You also get tons of transitions and other effects to make your production professional looking and fun. And Pinnacle Studio comes in 3 flavors (each with an increasing set of extra features):

  1. Studio
  2. Studio Plus Titanium Edition
  3. Studio MediaSuite Titanium Edition

We recommend the Studio MediaSuite Titanium Edition as you get the most value for your money with this package.

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